Spatial Big Data Science

Judul : Spatial Big Data

Bahasa : Inggris

Jumlah Halaman : 138 Halaman

Format E-Book : Pdf

Editor : Zhe Jiang, Shashi Shekhar

Penerbit : Springer

This book is based on the doctoral dissertation of Dr. Zhe Jiang under the supervision of Prof. Shashi Shekhar. We would like to thank our collaborator Dr. Joseph Knight and Dr. Jennifer Corcoran from the remotr sensing laboratory at the University of Minnesota. Some of the materials are based on a survey collaborated with the members of the spatial computing research group at the University of Minnesota including Reem Ali, Emre Eftelioglu, Xun Tang, Viswanath Gunturi and Xun Zhous. We would like to acknowledged their collaboration.

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